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Polynesian Arts and Crafts Filmstrip Series

Records of the Institute of Polynesian Studies - Polynesian Arts and Crafts Filmstrip Series

Collection Description

Polynesian arts and crafts

On February 1st 1978, President William Cravens (General Manager of the Polynesian Cultural Center) and President Dan Anderson (Executive Vice-President, Brigham Young University Hawaii) created a committee charged with establishing an Institute for Polynesian studies. The PCC had enough money left in their cultural research budget to expend $7,000 per month. President Cravens stated that this budget could be placed at the disposal of the Institute. On February 17, 1978 Dr. Jerry K. Loveland submitted a proposal to officially create the “Institute for Polynesian Studies.”
The goals of the institute were as follows:

  1. To improve the quality of research undertaken at the Brigham Young University-Hawaii Campus and the Polynesian Cultural Center
  2. To maximize the joint use of the resources of both institutions
  3. To have an impact for good on the lives of the peoples of the South Pacific

The guidelines for the institute state that after consulting with the General Manager of the PCC, the Executive Vice President was to appoint a director to head the institute. The director was to be responsible to the Dean of the University. The organization also consisted of an executive committee and an advisory board.

Note on Digitization of the Filmstrip Collection

The video files created for each filmstrip are meant to replicate the experience of watching a filmstrip. When watching a filmstrip, images were projected onto a screen and accompanied by an audio track (usually a cassette tape) that provided script narration for the still images. A beep on the cassette tape indicated when it was time to advance to the next image on the filmstrip. Individual images were digitized and matched with the audio file, so that when you hear the beep, the next image appears, just as if you were watching a filmstrip. Enjoy!

Call Number
Title and Movie
FS1 How Maui Snared the Sun 07:43
FS2 Poi Making 04:37
FS3 Hawaiian Ti Leaf Skirt Making 06:27
FS4 Konane Hawaiian Checkers 04:05
FS5 How to Make Samoan Palusami 12:04
FS6 Afa Making Samoan Style 12:25
FS7 Hawaiian Imu, Luau Style 06:44
FS8 Hawaiian Feather Leis 07:56
FS9 Kui, Hawaiian Flower Leis 08:32
FS10 Fijian Musical Instruments 08:55
FS11 Making Tapa Cloth 09:39
FS12 Preparing Laufala the Samoan Way 08:45
FS13 Growing Taro the Samoan Way 06:59
FS14 Hawaiian Fish Net Making 12:15
FS15 Making a Hawaiian Quilt 10:28
FS16 How to Make a Tahitian More 10:44
FS17 How to Make a Hawaiian Hand Kahili 07:44
FS18 The Origin of the Tongan Tao'vale 09:03
FS19 Niihau Shell Lei Making 09:49
FS20 Sina and Tuna 08:32