Honolulu Advertiser & Star-Bulletin Obituaries

January 1 - December 31,  1995






Thomas Seikichi Yagi, 72,  ofWaihee, Maui, died Jan. 9, 1995.  He was born in Wailuku.  Survived by wife, Miye K.; sons, Larry of Pukalani and Michael of Kona; daughters, Janet Buen, Ann Nakamura of Kula, Eileen Tokunaga ofWailuku, Celeste Yagi of Oahu, Judith Tanaka,  Jean Young of West Virginia, brother Norman; 22 grandchildren; two great-grandchildren. [Adv Jan. 11, 1995]


Kanayo  N. Yahata, 96, of Kaneohe, died Feb. 5, 1995.  She was born in Hiroshima, Japan, was a retiredHilo Sugar Co.field laborer and a member of Konko Mission, Hilo.  Survived by sons, Takeshi and George; daughters, Yasuko Kawada, Mrs. Atsushi (Ruth) Yashiki and Mrs. Haruto (Marian) Miyataki; 13 grandchildren; and 10 great-grandchildren.[Adv Feb. 15, 1995]


Takeshi Taxi” Yahata, 68, of Kailua, formerly of Hilo, died Feb. 20, 1995. He was born in Hilo and was a retired accountantfor C.Brewer and Co. He was also an Air Force veteran of World War II.Survived by wife, Setsuyo “Jane”;  son, Brian T.; daughters, Mrs. Alvin (Coleen H.) Kunishige of California and Mrs. Rodney (Karla S.)  Park of Kohala; brother, George; sisters, YasukoKawada, Mrs. Atsushi (Ruth) Yashiki and Mrs. Haruto (Marian) Miyataki of CA; eight grandchildren.[Adv Feb. 23, 1995]


Roy H. Yamakami of Kaaawa a retired carpenter, died Dec. 15, 1995 in Kahuku. Yamakami, 78, born in Honolulu, is survived by a wife; several chil­dren, sisters, brothers and grand-children; and a great-grandchild. Private services held.  [SB 04/01/1996]


Ethel Kimiko Yamamoto, 80, of Honolulu, died Jan. 15, 1995.  She was born in Honolulu and was a retired housekeeper. She was a member of the Soto Mission of Hawaii.  Survived by son, Glenn K.;  daughter, Mrs. Milburn (Karen K.) Halemano; six grandchildren; and nine great-grandchildren; brothers, Stanely A., Larry N. Mitsuji; sisters,  Yoshiko Nishikawa, Mrs. Jack (Tamae) Miyashita and Mrs. Richard (Alice) Hiraki.  [Adv Jan. 19, 1995]


Riyuko Yamamoto, of Kapolei, formerly of Kilo, died Dec. 20, 1995 at

the. Leeward Nursing HoMe Yamamoto, 86, was born in Kohala, Hawaii. She survived by sons Satoru and Mitsugi; daughters Teruo , Mitsuko Iwashita, Aiiem    Hashimitsu,Ono and Laura Y. Fujimoto; brother Yoichi Okffiara; sisters Sueko Umemoto and Yoshiko ; 14 grandchildren.nine great-grandchildren.   [SB 04/01/1996]


Dr. Richard Noboru Yamane, 93, of Honollulu, died Jan. 3, 1995.  He was born in Kukaiau, Hawaii and was a long time Kakaako area pediatrician. Survived by sisters-in-law, Mrs. KikunoYamane and Mrs. Misao Yamane.[Adv Jan. 9, 1995]


Naoso Yamanishi, 99, of Niu Valley, died Feb. 16, 1995.  He was born in Hiroshima, Japan, and was a retired footwear wholesaler and member of the Honpa Hongwanji and Hiroshima Kenjin Kai. Survived by son, James T.; daughter, Mrs. Yukiye Oomaye of Japan; six grandchildren; and five great-grandchildren; sister, Mrs. Terumi Terso.  [Adv Feb. 24, 1995]


Ryotaro Yamashita, 92, of Honolulu, died Jan. 8, 1995. He was born at Olaa 9 Mile Marker and was a commercial fisherman and member of Tensho Koti Jingu Kyo Hawaii Dojo.Survived by wife, Ann Natsuyo Yamashita; sons, Robert S. of California and Thomas S.; six grandchildren; four great-grandchildren; brother, Fuyukazu.  [Adv Jan. 13, 1995]


SallyArleen Yangoren, 50, of Honolulu died Jan. 27, 1995 in Honolulu.  She was born Jan. 23, 1945 in Honolulu and was an employee of Aloha State Cab.Survived by daughter, Mrs. Liewellyn (Cindy)  Manako; parents, Henry and Alice EvelynPundyke; brothers, Henry (Vickie) sister, Mrs. Ernest F.(Katherine A.) Neves; two grandchildren.  Burial: Mililani Memorial Park.  [Adv Jan. 31, 1995]


Harriet LoyKyau Yap, 95, of Honolulu, died Jan. 26, 1995.  She was born June 4, 1900.  She is survived by son, Curtis J. Yap; daughters, Mrs. Richard (Patricia)  Buchanan, Mrs. Daniel (Pearl)  Blair, Mrs. Phillis Yap, and Ms. EstelleNahinu; 15 grandchildren; 18 great-grandchildren; nieces and nephews.  She was a member of the American Legion, Kula Club, Tsung Tsin Association, LanakilaSenior Citizen, Women’s RepublicanParty, Golden Ace Club, Poo Tet  Fui Society.  [Adv Feb. 11, 1995]


Hatsue Yasutake of Pearl City died Dec. 19, 1995 in Pearl City.  Yasutake, 88, was born in Aiea.  She is survived by sons Haruo, Isamu and James K.; daughters Alice Kobashigawa, Jean F. Gyotoku, Shirley Teranishi and Jane Moriwaki; 21 grandchildren; and 21 great-grandchildren.[SB  03/01/1996]


Franklin  KatsumiYokotake, 62, of Ewa Beach, diedFeb. 18, 1995.  He was born in Waimea, Kauai, and was a federal employee at Hickam Air Force Base.  Survived by wife, Margaret E.; sons, Blake T. and Daryl K.; daughters, Mrs. Derrick E. (Cathy Ann) Tamanaha, Lianne D., Mrs. Brian (Dianne E.) Respecio; 1 grandchildren; brothers, George,     Herbert and Harold; sister, Mrs. Morris (Florence) Miyasato.Burial: Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery.  [Adv Feb. 21, 1995]


Jean Toshiyukui Yokoyama, 46, of Honolulu, died Jan. 11, 1995.  He was born in Wailuku, Maui.  Survived by mother, Mrs. Edith T. Yokoyama; brother, Earl H.; sisters, Minnie A. Kanno of Wailuku and Mrs. LeGrant (Patricia P.) Skjervheim of Foster City, California; nephews, Jeremy Kanno and Thomas Skjervheim. [Adv Jan. 13, 1995]


Shigeo Yonamine, 73, of Aiea, died Jan. 11, 1995.  He was born in Aiea, was a retired Everybody’s Supermarket meat cutter, and member of Aiea Soto Mission  and Minami Nakagusuku Son Jin Kai.Survived by wife, Linda Y.; sons, Roy S., Jimmy S. and PaulH.; daughter, Mrs Calvin (Selma)Oishi; six grandchildren; brothers, Kiyoshi and Kiyomi; and sisters, Mrs. Ronald (Yukie)Fukumoto and Mrs. Choki Mitsue)  Toma.  [Adv Jan. 17, 1995]


Takeo Yoneji, 86, of Lihue, Kauai, died Feb. 23, 1995.  He was a retired real estate broker.  Survived by son, Donald of California; daughter, Mrs. Gary (Charlene)Forbes of Arizona; brothers, Mitsuso of Minnesota and Masami of California; sisters, Matsuyo Horibe of Waimea, Umeyo Shigekane of Honolulu and Setsuko  Isoda of Koloa; five grandchildren; and two great-grandchildren.    [Adv Feb. 25, 1995]


Yau Sung Yong of Honolulu, a retired grocery store proprietor, died last Monday in Leahi Hospital. Young, 99, was born in China. He is survived by sons Edwin W.H. and Dennis K.J.; daughters Pearl Y. Castillo and Audrey Y. Sunada; brothers Raymond C.S. and Larry R.’ sister Elsie Y. Lum; 18 grandchildren; 15 great-grandchildren; 5 great-great-grandchildren.Services were private.   [SB 01/01/1996]


Tomo Yoshikane, 95, of Yamaguchi-ken, Japan, formerly of Honolulu died Feb. 12, 1995.  She was born in Yamaguchi-ken and was a retired tuna factory worker.Survived by sons,Shizuo, Katsuji, Melvin and John; daughters, Fusako Yoshikane and Shizuko Namba, Ayako Omuro, Fujiko Yamamoto and Susan Tomomitsu; 14 grandchildren;17 great-grandchldren and two great-great-grandchildren.  [Adv Feb. 18, 1995]


Jitsuo R. “Jits”Yoshimura, 65, of Honolulu, died Feb. 16, 1995.  He was born in Kalaupapa, Molokai, and was an electricalmechanic with Microworld. Survived by wife, Mildred M.; sons, Alvin K., Kevin C. and Dennis T.; daughters,Iris K., Mrs. Roy Y. (Ariyn K.) Takabayashi and Tammy N.; five grandchildren; brothers, Kenneth T. of Maui, Richard S. and Marvin M. of Maui; sister, Mrs. Miriam M. Santiagoof Maui.  [Adv Feb. 20, 1995]


DorisSumieFurumoto Yoshioka, 79, of Honolulu, died Jan. 13, 1995.  She was born in Paia, Maui and was a cafeteria manager for First Insurance Co of Hawaii and secretary/treasurer for Y’s Printing and Graphics Corp. Survived by son, Wilfred;  three grandchildren; sister, Minnie Nishida.[Adv Jan. 18, 1995]


Henry SaburoYoshi” Yoshioka, 90, of Honolulu, died, Jan. 12, 1995.  He was born in Hiroshima, Japan and was a member of the Ogata Chojin Kai,  Sheridan Riyukai, the Honolulu Casting Club and the Honolulu Bonsai Kenyu Kai. Survived by sons, Ernest R. of Hilo, Allen T., Charles J. and Bertram M.;nine grandchildren.[Adv Jan. 19, 1995]


Adeline NgetLen Ing Young, 93,of Honolulu, died Jan. 27, 1995. She was born in Kula.Survived by sons, Alvin K.Y., Leslie K.J.; daughter, Janice S.Q.Y. Chang; brother, Wah Kim Ing; sister, Leatrice K.F. Yuk Jin and Pearl N.N. Ing; seven grandchildren;two great-grandchildren. Burial: Manoa Cemetery.



Lurline Halemaumau Young,  77, of Honolulu, died Jan. 27, 1995. She was born in Honolulu and was a retired executive secretary. Survived by son, Francis L.K. Hong; daughters, FrancineM. Range; two grandchildren, Francine M. Range and Mark S. Hong;and six great-grandchildren; sister, Mary L. McShane.  Burial: Diamond Head Memorial Park Cemetery.  [Adv Feb. 1, 1995]


Richard Kam Leong Young, 70, of Pearl  City, died Jan.  3, 1995.  He was born  in Honolulu and was a retired  lieutenant with Pearl Harbor Naval Base PoliceDept. Survived by wife, Elsie S. Young; sons, Robert S.N. and Michael S.W.;of California, daughters,Patricia N.N. Young, both ofCalifornia; three grandchildren; brothers, Loy Foo Young, William Young, Sun Ho and Charles Ho; sisters , Mrs. Harry (Lily) Mow, Alice Batten and Mrs. David (Violet) Kaili.  Burial: National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific.  [Adv Jan. 5, 1995]


Edeltraut “Edith” Marta Younger, 69, of Kekaha, Kauai, died Feb. 7, 1995.  She was born in Germany  and was a retired registered nurse.Survived by companion, Manuel Castillo; stepson, Terry of California; stepdaughter, Sherry Irth of California; eight grandchildren; nine great-grandchildren.  [Adv Feb. 11, 1995]


Ul Soo Yu, 78, of Honoluu, died  Feb. 15, 1995.  She was born in Seoul, Korea.  Survived by sons,  Min Goo Yang, , Min Ho Yang, Min Sung Yang, Min Wong Yang and Steve K. Lee; 14 grandchildren; sister, Mrs. John (Mary)Num.  Burial: Valley of the Temples Memorial Park.


Seu Yin  (Chai Wun Ching) Yuen, 90, of Honolulu, died Jan. 15, 1995.  She was born in Canton, China, and was a retired cannery worker and member of the Chinese Buddhist Association  of Hawaii and See Dai Doo Society.  Survived by daughters, Millie Clark, Mrs. Calvin (Helen Y.) Kam, Mrs. Gerald (Rose Y.) Liu, Mrs. Jeff (Linda Y.)  Lambrecht; sons, Henry K.H. of California, and Allen K.K.; brother, Herbert Ching  of California; sisters, Mrs. Chau Yau Tang of China and Mrs. Wong Wah of California; 15 grandchildren; 14 great-grandchildren.Burial: National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific.  [Adv Jan. 22, 1995]