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Find Your Textbook

Let Us Help You Find Your Textbook!

First, does the library have it as an eBook?

The first step to seeing if the library has access to your textbook is to check the attachment below to see if it is available as an eBook.

Please be aware that while library eBooks are not assigned to any particular individual, some eBooks are single-user copies. This means that, like a physical library book on reserve, only one person can be reading the library eBook at a time. When you use this type of book, it’s best to read and then close it so that others may have the opportunity to read it as well.

Second, does the library have it as a physical book?

This may be helpful to you if you are on campus. Visit the library homepage and use the main search box to search the title of your book to see if we have it for in-library use. Visit the Circulation Desk to borrow books on course reserve.

Home Page
Library Textbooks as of 2021-01-21

Third, how can I rent/buy my textbook from the bookstore? 

If the library doesn't have access to your textbook, the next place to search is the Bookstore. Prices are fairly low, much lower than physical textbooks.

  • Click Book List to search for required Textbooks (PeopleSoft).
    Book List
  • Click Digital Textbooks to see which textbooks are available to rent or buy online.
    Digital Textbooks

NOTE: Be sure to check if your professor is using Inclusive Access before you buy.

Having trouble? 

Students who have financial trouble acquiring a textbook or cannot use a credit card to buy a textbook can contact for the textbook loan service. The Bookstore will charge your student account for the book.

Individual students can also email us for assistance or access trouble with library eBooks at