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BYU-Hawaii Archives Reading Room Rules

Rules governing the use of materials in the BYU-Hawaii Archives have been established to help researchers and to provide long-term access to and protection of rare, fragile, and/or unique materials. Preserving these irreplaceable materials for future generations is a responsibility shared by archives staff and researchers

  1. Meet with a member of the Archives staff, and explain what you are looking for.
  2. Sign into the Patron Log, and give your photo ID to the Archives staff.
  3. Take a locker key and place your personal belongings in the corresponding locker at the end of the hall.
  4. Fill out the Archives Request Form and agree to the Rules for Materials Use.
  5. Use the Finding Aids to locate materials you wish to examine.
    1. You or the Archives staff will add this information to the Archives Request Form
  6. The Archives staff will bring materials to you, one folder at a time.
    1. Handle the materials with utmost care, as described in the Reading Room Rules, leaving them in their original order in the folder.
    2. You will be under supervision by the Archives staff and two security cameras located in the Reading Room.
  7. When you are finished with the folder, return it to the Archives staff and they will give you the next folder.
  8. When you are done for the day:
    1. Return the last folder to the Archives staff
    2. Sign out of the Patron Log.
    3. Retrieve your photo ID
    4. Retrieve your personal belongings from your locker and return the locker key to the Archives staff.