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Internet Resources for the Academic Cybersurfer

Internet Resources for the Academic Cybersurfer

1. Directories of Internet websites most likely to contain academic information include:
a. University of California's Infomine Scholarly Internet Resource Collection:
b. Yahoo:
c. Internet Public Library Reference Center:
d. Utah Library Network Website:
e. Encyclopedia Britannica's Internet Guide:
f. The Hawaii State Public Library's Reference Shelf:
g. Savvy Search scans many web browzers:

2. Uncover is a free, so far, index to articles in 17,000 journals:

3. Books is a 2.5 million title searchable on-line bookstore:

4. Access other universities around the world and their library's catalogs via Christina DeMello's College and University Home Pages:

5. Access government information at Infomine, Yahoo, or:
a. FedWorld Information Network:
b. University of Michigan's Documents Center:
6. To access newspapers worldwide try the Flying Inkpot:

7. Directories of LDS websites include:
a. LDS Resources on the Internet: and
b. Pearls: the Best LDS Web Sites:

8. Indexes to Pacific Islands information can be found at:
a. Michael Ogden's Pacific Islands Internet Resources:
b. Pacific Studies from Australian National University:
c. The Microstate Network's Pacific Regional Resources:,3

9. For just Hawaii try:
a. For an index to Hawaii's websites go to Hawaii Catalogue of Web Pages at:
b. The Hawaii State Public Library's Hawaii Reference Shelf:
c. UH Library's list of Hawaii Internet resources: