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History 485

History 485 Resources

1. Call numbers: history guides in D5-D20; biographical sources in CT, who was who, etc.

2. Book reviews: Book Review Digest, Book Review Index, New York Times, Literature Resource Center, internet.

3. Akamai online catalog, also BYU-Provo and Melvyl or any other research library worldwide (always follow up on citations and bibliographies in books and articles, interlibrary loan).

4. Periodical indexes on-line: Proquest , America History & Life, Historical Abstracts (check full-text availability).

5. Paper indexes before 1990: Humanities Index to 1974, Social Sciences Index to 1974, International Index from 1974 to 1802, New York Times Index to 1851.

6. Primary documents: archives, newspapers, diaries, theses and dissertations <>.

7. Government documents: Marcive since July 1976; we have 20%, UH has 100%.

8. Internet:
a. Course based resources from BYUH Library home page.
b. Infomine <> choose 'Social Sciences & Humanities' then look up subject 'history'.
c. BYU Library <> choose 'Resources by Subject' then 'History' then 'Research Guides'.
d. Yahoo: History <>.
e. Librarian's Index to the Internet <> then 'History'.
f. Internet Public Library <> then 'Arts & Humanities' then 'History'.