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Sources of General Business Information

Sources Of General Business Information

The purpose of this guide is to help you locate information on business related topics, both in print and electronic formats.


Ø Check the company web page by searching

< com>

Also look in the following directories:

ØHoover's Handbook of American Business

(Ref HG4057.A286213)

Ø Hoover's Handbook of Emerging Companies

(Ref HF 5030.H668)

Ø Hoover's Handb6ok of World Business

(Ref HG 4009.H66)


Ø A Concise Dictionary of Business

(Ref HF 10O.C63)

ØEncyclopedia of Business

(Ref HF 100I.E466)

Ø Dictionary of Business and Finance

(Ref HF 1001.T43)


Standard Industrial Codes is a system of business classification used throughout America. With this system similar products are grouped. together by code:

computers(mfg) 334111

computer storage device(mfg) 334112

computer terminals(mfg) 334113

ØBy finding the SIC/NAICS code of certain products, you can find the manufacturers of those types of goods. You may access the codes in the Standard Industrial Code Manual (Ref. HF 1041.U613).

ØTo see who provides specific products or services, use the SIC/NAICS codes assigned to the specific product/service then consult the Thomas Register (Ref T12.T6). To see who owns specific brand names see Brands and Their Companies (Ref T223.V4A25).


These books usually contain company information such as phone numbers, addresses, fax numbers, key officers, SIC codes, financial, historical and various other general information. Each directory may vary slightly in the type and amount of information provided.

ü Moody's Industrial Manual

(Ref HG 4961.M67)

ü Standard & Poor's Register of Corporations, Directors and Executives

(Ref. HG 4057.A4)

ü Hoover's Handbook of American Business

(Ref HF 4057.A28)

ü Hoover's Handbook: Profiles of Over 500 Major Corporations

(Ref HF503O.H668)

ü Hoover's Handbook of Emerging Companies

(Ref. HF5030.11668)

What if the Company you are looking for is not in the directory?

Ø Maybe the company is privately held. If so finding information becomes much more difficult. Public companies are required to disclose financial. data whereas private ones are not. If you run into a problem consult: Hoover's Guide to Private Companies (Ref HG 4057.A147) or America's Corporate Families (Ref HG 4057.AI47)

What if the company you are looking for is a subsidiary of a larger parent company?

Ø Financial data is generally given only under the name of the publicly traded parent company. You will need to uncover the corporate family relationships in order to find out more information. Subsidiaries are not required to issue separate financial reports so finding this information may he difficult. For information on. corporate families try: American Corporate Families (Ref HG4057.AI47) or Directory of American Firms Operating in Foreign Countries (Ref HG 4538.AlD5)


Ø The most complete and accurate information will be SEC (Securities & Exchange Commission) filings. The filings are actual legal‑financial documents given to the US government. Reports are usually available online at the SEC web page within one or two days after the filing. The SEC also has a wealth of other, legally required data for all types of financial organizations. In order to retrieve information from the SEC, first go to the SEC web page <>, click on SEARCH EDGAR ARCHIVES at the top right of the screen. After that click QUICKFORMS LOOKUP in the top of the left column. You will need to know which forms there are and what information is on those forms. There is a1ink that will explain each form and the information they contain. Once you know which form you want, select that number, type in a company name, and submit the search.


ØBack issues of the Wall Street Journal are available on microfilm. Indexes t0 the WSJ are available on Index Table #3. For other recent periodical and magazine articles search Proquest at Business Proquest in CD‑Rom form is also available on Reference Computer #4.


Ø There are a large number of web pages that contain the most current news and other financial information from around the world. Many web pages have financial information less than 20 minutes old. These web pages contain everything from currency exchange rates to stocks and industry analysis. Here is a small list to start with.

ü <>

ü <>

ü <www. bloomberg. com>

ü <>