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Pathfinder for EIL and Language Faculty

Pathfinder for EIL and Language Faculty

There is so much out there and without specific direction I am recommending to you sites that areindexes to the field with the suggestion that you and your audience investigate their own interests.

1. Encyclopedia Britannica's Internet Guide ( indexes 65,000 academically valuable sites. Look under culture for languages and linguistics.

2. The University of California's Infomine ( locates 11,000 recommended academic sites. Check out Intructional Resources: University.

3. Yahoo ( has a wider variety of sites in a subject hierarchy. Ask it find something specific like language teaching or click through the menu levels to social sciences then linguistics and human languages.

4. The University of California at Berkeley's Librarian's Index to the Internet ( has an interesting mix of sources they find useful. Look under culture and languages.

5. The University of Houston Libraries' List of Indexes, Abstracts, Bibliographies, and Tables of Contents Services ( includes both services available only at the University of Houston but also services available anyhwere. There are specific lists for Languages/Linguistics and Education.

6. The U. S. Department of State's Background Notes can be found at (

7.The ERIC database, which we recommend accessing through the University of Syracuse (

8. To find out about listserves and newsgroups in their fields of interest so they can participate in on-going dailogue and ask questions go to Liszt: the Mailing List Drectory (, then ask to find listserves in a specific field such as language teaching.

9. Foreign Languages for Travelers ( translates basic words and phrases in over 60 languages back and forth.

10. Our Refteam is building a page of recommended sources for each of our academic divisions at ( Then click on Academic Pathfinders.

11. World Language Pages ( indexes links to resources in 14 foreign languages.

12. The Human Languages Page ( has links to language and linguistics resources.