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MLA International Bibliography

Modern Language Association (MLA) International Bibliography

The MLS International Bibliography is the only comprehensive bibliography in language and literature. It provides a classified listing and subject index for books and articles published on modern languages, literatures, folklore, an linguistics.

This is especially useful to English and TESOL majors.




Modern Language Association


International Bibliography:



Each MLA index volume is separated

into five parts:

1)Literatures in English<

2)Literatures in other Languages


4)General literatures


General items precede specific ones:

documents general in nature are

listed before documents limited

to particulars.

Citation numbers refer to entries, riot


You Need to know:

1. Nationality of author

2. Century author wrote,

3. Author's Full Name

4. What you want to know about author. (Biographic information or criticism on a specific work).

Ø To find the location of the author's nationality in the text, go to the Contents, at the front of the index.

Ø After finding the page number for the author's nationality go to that page.

Ø From there, go to the appropriate century the author wrote in e.g. 1800‑1899, 19001999.

Ø In the appropriate century, you will see general information about genres in literature. After the. general information, you will see specific authors listed alphabetically. Search by your author's Last Name first.

Ø Upon finding the author's name, you will see sub‑sections of individual subjects within the author's section: *general info, *biography, *autobiography, *bibliography, *fiction, *Ietters, and *specific works.

Ø Each entry within the subsections is an article in a journal or book. The journal or book where the article is found, will be identifiable by italics. Most of the journal titles will be listed in acronyms. e.g, ShakS=Shakespeare Studies.

Ø To find out what the actual title is, go to the Master List of Periodicals in the front of each MLA index volume.

Ø When you have identified the title of the journal, search in the white pages of (the BYU­ Hawaii Periodicals Catalog (It It has a burgandy/ maroon colored cover), to see if we have the journal in the BYU ‑ Hawaii library.

Ø If the journal is in our library, the. Periodicals Catalog will tell you if the journal is available bound, on microform, or on Pro‑Quest (our electronic periodical index on CD‑Rom and the Internet).

Ø To find articles within books, go to The Library Online Catalog. On menu option #4 Title First Word Alphabetical, type in the exact title of the book. If it is not there, we do not have it in our library.

To tell the difference between a periodical or book title

The periodical title will be followed by the year and month or season, volume number and pages.

The order of publication information for books is: place, publisher, year, pages, series, name, and series


Citations to articles published within collections of essays by diverse hands include the full publication information for the collection in which the articles appeared, as in the following sample.