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Circulation: 675-3876
Copy Center: 675-3870 Media Services: 675-3855 Reference: 675-3878

Cirulation Policies

Circulation Policies

Library Privileges Library:
BYU-H students, faculty and staff may borrow materials using their own current University ID Card. BYU-H dependents age 12 and older may borrow up to 5 circulating items at a time. Off-campus patrons age 12 or older may use Library resources by purchasing a Guest ID Card (available at the Aloha Center). Children under the age of 12 may not borrow library materials and must be accompanied by an adult while in the library. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed in the Library after 6 p.m. unless accompanied by an adult. Curriculum items are checked out to BYU-H Education Majors only. LibFlix and Audio books are available only to students, staff and faculty members.

Borrowers Responsibility :
The original borrower is responsible for any fines, replacement costs and other charges incurred for material they have borrowed. If a borrower lets others use materials, the original borrower is still responsible for material checked out on their card. Borrower must use their own BYUH ID CARD to check out materials. (This rule applies to all borrowers.

Loan Periods :

  • Students: 25 books out at a time, due three weeks from checkout.
  • Faculty and Education Missionaries: 50 books out at a time, due twelve months from checkout.
  • Special Instructors: 5 books out at a time, due at the end of the current semester or term.
  • Administrative Staff: 5 books out at a time, due ninety days from checkout.
  • Staff and all others (dependents, guests, etc.): 5 books out at a time due three weeks from checkout.
  • CHILDREN'S BOOKS: everyone listed above is allowed only 5 children's books for three weeks, no exceptions.
  • Periodicals, atlases, reference books, Pacific Islands, special collection and non-print materials do not circulate.


Book Holds:
A hold may be requested at the Circulation Desk for any book currently out. Requesters will be notified when the books are available. Books need to be picked up within one week.


  • Renewals may be done in person with book in hand, by phone (293-3876), or on-line on or before the due date stamped in the back of the book.
  • Overdue items cannot be renewed over the phone. Patron must bring in book and pay for fine(s).
  • Items on hold for another patron cannot be renewed.


Book Charges :

  • Books overdue for more than 30 days are deemed lost.
  • A replacement fee plus a processing fee will be charged for each lost book.
  • Fines for RESERVE items are $1.00 per hour, or fraction thereof, if late, and $10.00 per item if taken out of the library.


Book Returns:
All borrowed printed materials should be returned to the Circulation Desk. Book drops for after hours are located outside the entrance to the library. Interlibrary book loans should be returned to the Circulation Desk.

Library Priveleges:

  • Accumulation of unpaid library charges will result in suspension of borrowing privileges.
  • Unpaid charges will ultimately be referred to the Registrar's and/or Business Office.


Reserve Items:

  • May be searched for online.
  • May not be removed from the Library or a fine will be incurred (see fines).

Other Policies:

  • No food or drink is allowed in the library. Skateboards and bicycles are not allowed in the library. Racks are provided near the library entrance.